You will get a receipt for your payment. And a candidate form will be sent to your provided email. Class scheduling could be done according to the filled form.

Any device with the facility to download apps and use of the method on the connection of internet. Camera is a mandatory, however we prefer to use devices-in-built camera or a good webcam to get a tranquil class room ambience.

No. However, after the subscription, our admin. Dept. will send a ‘candidate form’ should be filled and send back us.

This error is because of the web address you types is wrong. You have to type and select the class. This website has SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate installed for secure payments.

Yes. For that, you have to tap multiple classes menu and select the pre designed combo.

Yes. There is a difference on the fees for yearly and half-yearly subscription and it will be definitely lower than the ratio-of-the-multiplication of the quarterly subscription. Since Bhash Academy is an education firm, it’s not considered as a discount.

Yes. For that, you can contact the administration department by sending the mail into

A reminder email will be produced and send to your provided mail with a payment link. You can just click and make the payment and continue the subscription.

nce OEYQ completed, your subscription will be continued for 3 more days as grace period. Meanwhile, you can renew the subscription.

A subscription usually ends on the 90th day of invoiced date (OR the 90th day of the class-started date in the case of the class didn’t start on the invoiced date). Half yearly subscription and yearly subscription will be notified to the students or parents by our admin department. And monthly subscription will be ended on 30th day of the invoiced date or the 30th day of the class-started date in the case of the class didn’t start on invoiced date. Renewals will be notified to the parent/guardian before 5 working days of the subscription expiry date.

The subscription allows you to use our provided platform for 90 days – each day one-hour.

1 month (30 days) subscription is minimum. Monthly payment option available under the menu called ‘Classes Regular’. Discounted coupons will be available for 3 months subscriptions only – you are getting 90 days of subscription from the day of payment. However, if the classes are not started on the time of payment, subscription days will be counted from the day of class begins. It will be considered as One-Education-Year-Quarter (OEYQ).

It’s very simple. Just select the subject you want to study from the main menu classes and sub-menus. Once you select the subject (s), you will automatically move on to the payment section. After your successful payment, the invoice and receipt will be issued.

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